Feel the Pain Happily and Live with Passion from your Neshama


A Jewish Meditation Retreat on the weekend before 9th of Av

in the Heart of the Holy Land-

Reveal the Inner Temple:

Four Days to boldly see what is lacking in life

and uncover your root passion for a positive impact

We all have it; A sublime mix of brokenness and struggle on the one hand, innate peace, connectedness and joy on the other.

Our sages teach us that by honestly acknowledging and transforming the pain we can truly reveal the makom kadosh- Holy Place- that is our true essence

Ruach Chayim is an observant Jewish movement passionately committed to sharing authentic wisdom and practical tools to help us all tap consciously and joyously into the  Divine Spirit of Life.


There's nothing as whole as a broken heart! - The Kotzker Rebbe


The month of Av, both a time to recognize and sit with the truth of brokenness,

and a time when redemption is born.

Come and join us for a semi-silent meditation retreat where we'll delve into what it means

to reveal and feel your Inner Temple.

Early morning stretching and body work, several meditation sessions of varying length each day, interactions with sweet Torah teachings, music and song, time in nature for walks and personal prayer, guidance from expert teachers, uplifting Shabbat experience, healthy food, conscious and joyous community.



Shabbat Chazon weekend (the one before 9th of Av), 27- 30 July, 2017

Who's invited?

Open to men and women of all backrounds (seperate seating)


 Bat Ayin , Gush Etzyon


Who's teaching?

Dov Ber Cohen

After six years of travels through the Far East, partaking in meditation, yoga, qi gong and martial arts training, my journey brought me back to the Holiest of Lands. Here I discovered the profound insight, wisdom and mindfulness traditions of the Jewish sages (as well as my soul mate, BH). Still learning and sharing as the journey continues ... 

Michael Jaffe

Have been blessed to be born and raised  in Jerusalem- thanks to Hashem and to these uplifting and depth-healing practices I am  healthily,  happily and steadily growing closer to my essence, holy wife and kids, family, friends and His Awesomeness.... It feels great to learn, teach and be with those who are seeking peace of heart, passion, joy and an authentic and personal relationship with the Infinite. 

Guest Teacher and Holy Sound Expert:

Rav Daniel Cohen

Daniel Kohn is the Rabbi of Bat Ayin, a Hassidic village in the Judean mountains of Israel. Over the past 20 years he has developed and taught a new path for personal and spiritual renewal, rooted in the Kabbalah. A graduate of Columbia University in New York, Rabbi Daniel spent years in Israel studying deeply the esoteric texts of his tradition. As a community Rabbi and widespread teacher and facilitator, he developed profound and unique tools for personal growth and evolution and has been highly successful as a facilitator of profound spiritual change in people who take his seminars and workshops around Israel and in South Africa . 

Rabbi Daniel is also an accomplished and exciting clarinet player who fuses traditional spiritual music with wide open improvisations and classical depth.

Press Play and Open Your Ears and Heart for a Musical Elevation

Whats the program?


2-3 per room

?Whats on the menu

We like to keep it light, nourishing and delicious in order to ultimatly support the process

Thurs dinner:  Beans and brown rice, Salsa, Roasted vegetables

 Fri lunch: Salad, Buckwheat, Techina, Fruit

Shabbes Kodesh: 

Spelt Sour Dough Challah,  Dips for all meals: Techina, Mung bean hummus, Garlic/olive oil, Sauerkraut, Eggplant, Fresh salad

Dinner: Lentil curry, brown/wild rice, Fish

Lunch: Vegan chulent, brown/wild rice, vegetable kugel (vegan)  

(Seed cookies (vegan/gluten free

Sunday lunch

Salad, tachina, Quinoa with mushrooms, Fruit


(It's priceless ...)

1,280 nis

Only 980 nis until 21.7

Includes all food, accommodation, transformative wisdom,

Personal guidance and a community for life ... 

*We offer financial support to ensure access to all, no one turned away for funds

There are no words for what you receive

If you want to grow your peace, presence and life spirit

Fill out the form below 

For all questions or to just chat through more about the retreat, fiil out the form, email us at retreats@ruachchayim.org or call: 058-430-4322

נוצר באמצעות מערכת רב דף מבית רב מסר